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Company is set research, development, production in one of the professional CNC engraving machine manufacturers. Since its establishment, the company has followed the trend of the world's numerical control development, has always been committed to the CAD/CAM engraving technology, CNC numerical control technology, laser engraving technology research and development; in the precision engraving machine design and carving process technology has achieved outstanding achievements, achieved by the numerical control technology to the industrial transformation process. Company production of European G series engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, woodworking machining centers, marble engraving machine stone engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine cylinder engraving machine image of Buddha carving machine of wood engraving machine cabinet door carving beads machine engraving machine wood processing center), aluminum processing center (aluminum cutting machine aluminum plate engraving machine cutting aluminum single plate cutting machine aluminum single plate engraving machine aluminum veneer processing center CNC aluminum cutting machine aluminum cutting machine copperplate engraving machine copper cutting copper machine machining center aluminum plate cutting machine aluminum plate processing center aluminum curtain wall processing center aluminum curtain wall carving machine) have been exported to Europe and the United States and other dozens of countries and regions, firmly established the company in the leading position in the carving industry. After several years of development, the company's products have covered the woodworking industry, aluminum curtain wall processing industry, advertising and decoration industry, marking the industry, marble engraving industry and industry gift industry. Woodworking engraving machine company (woodworking engraving machine engraving machine center Buddha wooden engraving machine engraving machine engraving machine cabinet door beads wood processing center), advertising engraving machine (marble engraving machine stone engraving machine engraving machine, aluminum plate) machining center (aluminum cutting machine engraving machine aluminum aluminum single aluminum single plate cutting machine plate engraving machine machining center aluminum single aluminum plate cutting machine CNC engraving machine cutting machine aluminum copper copper copper aluminum plate cutting machine machining center cutting aluminum curtain wall machining center machine aluminum plate), three types of products to meet the different needs of customers, and innovation in performance beyond, gradually formed industrialization the advantage of the G series engraving machine. The company has a group of experienced professional and technical engineers, in the equipment training, maintenance and processing production and other side area is tired of rich experience, can provide you with timely, efficient, professional, high quality pre / after-sales service, in support of new and old customers, the company has become a very influential engraving equipment suppliers and service providers.

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